For this project I competed in the SkillsUSA Advertising Design 2019 State Championships. To my humble excitement I placed as 1st Place Gold Medalist!

The project brief detailed creating an advertisement for Domino’s that adhered to the brand’s design. The advertisement piece needed to inform customers of the new “Hotspot” delivery feature where customers would be able to order at a predetermined location such as a park or community center.

Competitors received approximately an hour and twenty minutes to complete the project, as well as a small folder that included brand elements from Domino’s such as brand iconography and color codes. Stock photography was not provided, so I spent some of the time that I budgeted for research into finding an appropriate image from a royalty-free website.

At the beginning of the competition I decided to do some brand research before using the rest of my time to make an informed and carefully planned design. I spent approximately 20-30 minutes creating a mood board and research deck to analyze Domino’s past official advertisements.

This initial research proved invaluable. It served to show my skills in copywriting as I emulated a similar tone and word choice of Domino’s unique brand voice.

This was an especially exciting project because my design solution needed to be created quickly, which is why I made sure to research and inform my design choices with as much information as I could find.

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