For this passion project I decided to illustrate winding stems and simple flowers to create a poster series with a vintage feel.

To create the illustrations I used a Wacom tablet to sketch and render my design. I love to draw flowers in my free time, and I wanted to capture to spirited color of them using a cohesive and limited palette. Many color considerations were taken as this illustration used various effects to create a vintage and textured look.

First, I used a simple cream background color and sketched an initial design using a textured brush. I used negative space to infer detail as a limited color palette was in effect.

After sketching and rendering the drawings, I used dynamic typography to add flow to the canvas. The typography was in my mind at all times during the sketching process, constantly flipping and curving around my hand drawn sketch before ever hitting the digital canvas. This thinking allowed me to create dynamic forms with simple color and line– without overpowering the space with the final addition of the block sans-serif “flowers” headline.

Finally, Photoshop effects such as “Color Halftone”, “Noise”, and “Rippling” added texture to the passion piece. This final process was done as a smart object to maintain to ability to edit and experiment with parameters of the effects.

I had a great time with this small side project! Typography and hand-drawn illustration is always a fun experiment for me. I also absolutely love vintage and retro designs, so my iteration of that feeling in this project proved an exciting challenge.

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