For this project in a Print Production class, I was tasked with creating a poster series for a hypothetical museum exhibition of my choice, to showcase three different paper stocks. Each poster had to be distinctly unique while remaining related as part of a theme for the exhibition.

Headline details

I chose to design peripherals for a sculpture exhibition to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I printed onto Neenah Astroparche in Natural, White, and Aged because this particular stock of paper roused memories of my own grade school experience.

Neenah Astroparche in “Natural”

The exhibition focuses on the philosophy of accessible and intentional education for all, without exception. I drew inspiration from propaganda posters and utilized a primary and secondary color palette. I also made use of school supply icons to further the connection to education, which I kept consistent throughout the series, shifting colors when necessary to create unique but cohesive color stories across the project.

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