Brief (Passion Project): Use Blender as the sole program to Model, UV Unwrap, and Texture an expressive food packaging design using a limited color palette. Use Cycles to render the image to produce greater detail in shadow, reflection, and overall render.

For this experiment I picked up blender and began modeling
a few examples of simple form with executive function.

Before beginning my experiment, I created original brushes in the blender interface that took inspiration from painterly strokes. I love creating my own brushes for projects, it’s one of my favorite things to do! I used all original brushes in this project.

In this test for myself I was inspired by vibrant
food packaging.

As one of my first experiences in Blender after months of
learning the tools, I wanted to pushed myself in
using the texture painting tools.

Using my digital tablet I hand painted the color and texture
of the can and label.

I have years of experince using digital creation tools for
illustration, and have been a traditional artist for many years
This learning of the blender tools proved a new but exciting
challenge in learning new systems to push how I can
create digital designs.

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