Just delightful!

For this project in my typography class, I was tasked with creating a business card for a hypothetical company of my choice. I chose to design a brand for a gourmet tea shop as I stand with those who prefer tea to coffee. I named the company Tealightful Gourmet Tea Co. to play towards the delightfulness of the drink itself, as well as the high quality of the product.

Tealightful, front of card

I wanted to play towards the consumers of high-end or artisanal teas, or even those who wanted to try something a little more glamorous than your average supermarket tea. Competitors can be named as Teavana and Tealuxe, as well as coffee franchises such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. The brand needed to be calming and provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, just as the product itself does.

I utilized a serif typeface to illustrate the upscale aspect of my brand. I kept the accompanying graphics to minimal line work, and chose a muted, yet cohesive and indicative, color palette of greens and black to communicate the no non-sense aesthetic of the brand. I also made use of rounded edges to link to the curvature of a teacup.