For this passion project I created hand-illustrated perfume bottles using textured brushes in photoshop.

This project was a true test of the ability to paint and blend colors on a single-layer process. Each final perfume bottle is quite simply a few layers for line, layers for color- base color, and textured color, and finally detail and shadowing layers and elements.

In the above example, the glass and perfume concoction effect is created using four layers: a base color, a layer for the liquid, and two layers for the glass overlay effect.

I captured dynamic texture and lighting by using a “blend” mode brush with multiple passes of different colors on a single layer.

I am a traditional painter of many years, and have been digitally painting for a few years now.

For this project I specifically painted on minimal layers to mimic the reality of traditional painting! This constraint challenged me to correct and work with any changes in my painting quickly, just like traditional painting!

I plan to return to this project and create advertisements. Check back soon!

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