Socks with sandals?!

Create a responsive e-commerce site for a hypothetical business of my choice.

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As someone who likes to dress down to the socks, I decided to brand for a sock company that sold socks that honored famous artwork. This e-commerce site serves those like me, who believe it’s the little details that count.

I targeted this project towards sock lovers like myself. The brand, Hermes Sock Co., comes from the idea that the socks were so fly that the messenger God Hermes himself would crave a pair or two. Some of the artworks featured include the Mona Lisa, Scull, the Birth of Venus, and Meditative Rose. In product descriptions, I took the opportunity to provide customers with an informal art history lesson of sorts, briefly touching upon the history of the art. All mockups were created by me, as were all accompanying background images.

Hermes Sock Co. – Confirmation page