Can ya dig it?

Create a one page website for a boutique hotel.

Since a young age, I have always been one to jokingly assert that I was born in the wrong generation. For this project, I decided to put my self-proclaimed “old soul” mentality to work, and create a website for a hotel that emulates the pop culture of the 20th century. I wanted the site to be personable, easily navigable, and informative. My focus during this project was allowing the hotel to be as modern as possible, while still preserving the integrity of its inspiration. I dubbed my hotel “The Jazzy Cat” to nod towards a term that was regularly used during the century.

A lot of the personality for this website fell to the language that was used throughout, so sprinkling in terms that were popular during the 20th century was key to extending my brand beyond a simple web presence. To communicate the novelty of the concept, services like Vinyl rentals, themed room blocs, happy hour promotions, among others were featured for the hotel patron’s enjoyment. To maintain balance and hierarchy, each component of the hotel is broken up into its own section, allowing the brand story, hotel services, and even contact form a chance to shine in its own light. I rotated among solid colored backgrounds, background images, and irregular section dividers to further my brand personality, and tie back to a cohesive, appropriate and indicative web presence.